Zhuhai Investigation

Zhuhai is the Pearl River Delta, a major southern city , 2008: State Council promulgated the Pearl River Delta Reform and Development Plan (2008-2020), and specifically for the Pearl River estuary in the West Bank Zhuhai core city. Zhuhai is located in Guangdong Province, the Pearl River estuary in the southwest. East and Hong Kong across the sea, South and Macao connected west Xinhui , Taishan City, North and Zhongshan City border. Zhuhai, China’s five special economic zones one. Zhuhai Special Economic Zone in 1980 to become. To ensure their high-tech and tourism status, Zhuhai inhibition heavy development. The total amount of total industrial output by main industries were as follows: electronic and communications equipment, electronic equipment and machinery, office equipment. Zhuhai from an economically backward old small border counties, became the new garden city .


Area (sq.km.): 1,701
Population (Mil.): 1.6
Airport: Zhuhai Sanzhao Airport
Railway Station: Zhuhai Station
Attrctions: Yuanming New Garden, Meixi Torii, Zhuhai Fish Girl
Area Code: 0756


Zhuhai Private Investigator

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