Wuhan Investigation

Wuhan, referred to as “Han”, is now Hubei Province, the provincial capital , central China ‘s largest city and center of the city , the Yangtze River Chinese mega-cities . The world’s third longest river Yangtze River and its tributary the Han River running through urban areas of Wuhan into three, forming a Wuchang , Hankou , Hanyang pattern of three towns across Jiangding Li, Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai wrote in the ” Yellow Crane Tower in blowing Yudi, River City in May off the plum, “so since ancient times, Wuhan, also known as” River City. ” Wuhan Yangtze River is an important industrial city and economic center of China’s important cultural and educational center of one of China’s major transportation hub.


Area (sq.km.): 8,494
Population (Mil.): 9.79
Airport: Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
Railway Station: Wuhan Station, Wuchang Station, Hankou Station
Attrctions: Huanghe Lou, Hong Lou, Dong Hu, Guiyuan Temple, Guqin Tai, Qiyi Gate
Area Code: 027


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