Taiyuan Investigation

Taiyuan (Tàiyuán) is the Shanxi provincial capital , near the Fen River, surrounded by mountains, since ancient times, “Fairview Taiyuan City” in the world. Shanxi Taiyuan is the political, economic, cultural, educational, scientific, transportation, information center, based on metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, coal pillar, in order to output energy, raw materials, mining machinery products as the main feature of the country’s major energy and heavy Chemical City, was in 2011 as a national historical and cultural city. Now, Taiyuan has developed into a metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, coal industry as the main textile, electronics, food, medicine, electricity and building materials industry of considerable size, a relatively complete industrial modern industrial city.


Area (sq.km.): 6,988
Population (Mil.): 4.2
Airport: Wusu International Airport
Railway Station: Taiyuan Station
Attrctions: Jin Temple, Chunyang Gong, Tian Longshan Grotto
Area Code: 0351


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