Shenyang Investigation

Shenyang, Liaoning Province, the provincial capital , 15 sub-provincial cities in China, one of China’s seven regional central cities of China’s large cities, the Northeast ‘s largest metropolis, the Northeast region of political , financial , cultural , transportation , information and tourism Center. But also our most important heavy industrial base , known as the Republic of the eldest son, known as “Oriental Ruhr” in the world. April 2010, the Shenyang Economic Zone by the State Council approved the new industrialization of national comprehensive reform pilot area, is China’s eighth national comprehensive reform pilot area , marking the Shenyang Economic Zone rose to national strategy . Shenyang is located in the Bohai Economic Rim (China’s third largest economy in the circle) within the Bohai Rim and Northeast regions important junction.


Area ( 12,948
Population (Mil.): 8.1
Airport: Shangyang Taoxian International Airport
Railway Station: Shenyang Station, Shenyang South Station
Attrctions: Shenyang Imperial Palace
Area Code: 024


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