Sanya Investigation

Sanya City in Hainan Island, the southernmost, geographic coordinates located at latitude 18 ° 09’34 〃 ~ 18 ° 37’27 〃, longitude 108 ° 56’30 〃 ~ 109 ° 48’28 〃 between. Harbour in size 19, is China’s most southern coastal tourist city. The result of Sanya River (the ancient name Linchuan water) have something 2 Sanya River rendezvous point, as “Ah”-shaped, so called “Sanya.” Sanya east Lingshui County , west Ledong County , North adjoin Baoting County , south of the South China Sea . The total land area of 1919 square kilometers, the total sea area of 6,000 square kilometers, population 690,000, is a Li, Miao, Hui and Han multi-ethnic areas. Hainan Province is the center of the southern cities and transportation and communication hub; opening up China’s gold coast on the southeast coast of the southern tip of the important foreign trade port.


Area ( 1919.58
Population (Mil.): 0.07
Airport: Sanya Phoenix International Airport
Railway Station: Sanya Station
Attrctions: Yalong Bay National Resort, Sanya Bay, Tian Ya Hai Jiao
Area Code: 0898


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