Ningbo Investigation

Ningbo, referred to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province of China , vice-provincial cities , cities with independent planning, the development of local laws and regulations have the right to a larger city , is approved by the Ministry of Culture National historical and cultural city . Is Zhejiang ‘s three major economic centers, Ningbo port cargo throughput of China’s largest port , container throughput in 2010 for the first time moved up to No. 3. The total area of 9816 square km, population 7,605,700 (2010). Located in the eastern Zhejiang, the Yangtze River Delta, south side, north of Hangzhou Bay , west of Shaoxing , south, Taizhou , the Northeast and Zhoushan across the sea. And Zhejiang provinces in the central file, Ningbo City, were defined as the Yangtze River Delta economic center and the south wing economic center of Zhejiang Province.


Area ( 9,816
Population (Mil.): 7.6
Airport: Ningbo Lishe International Airport
Railway Station: Ningbo Station, Ningbo East Station, Ningbo North Station
Attrctions: Moon Lake, Tianyi Pavilion, Laowai Beach, Liangzhu Cultural Park
Area Code: 0574


Investigation in Ningbo China

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