Matrimonial Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Investigations

China Cheating Spouse Cases

In China, proof of infidelity does affect the outcome of a divorce, but we find that most clients just need to know, so that they can make a decision about what to do. Knowing the truth, puts the client in a stronger, more pro-active position.

In some families, proof of infidelity is needed to justify a divorce, which under other circumstances, would be frowned on.

How we work with you on matrimonial / cheating spouse surveillances

We talk to you about when the spouse is most likely to be cheating. Sometimes it is on the way home for work, other times it is on the way to work or on weekends. Together, we will put together a strategy to minimize the amount of surveillance required, while maximizing the chances of catching the spouse cheating.

We prepare an agreement, outlining what we will do and how much it will cost. It also states that the matter will be handled with complete confidentiality, before, during and after the investigation is complete. We both sign the agreement and you pay a 50% retainer. We will not exceed the budget you authorize without your approval.

You provide a photo of the Subject and his expected schedule and locations – home, work, gym, where he parks, common destinations. You identify his vehicle and any potential cheating partners of which you may be aware.

In some cases, it may be prudent for you to “leave town” in order to create an environment more conducive to cheating by the Subject. We establish a method of safe communication with you – email, cell phone or via our online workspace, which leaves no evidence behind for later discovery by the spouse.

We conduct the investigation, according to the case strategy. Our operatives keep you apprised of developments and when your questions are answered to your satisfaction, we break off, subject to a 4 hour minimum.

We can report to you in whatever format fits your needs – verbal; surveillance log, with time and activity entries; or captioned report, all with photos and / or video. The closing balance is due upon completion of the investigation.

Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, credit card, Paypal, bank transfer or in-branch deposit. If confidentiality of the payment is important, we recommend having a friend pay for you, or that you make a cash deposit into our company bank account, at one of the bank branch offices.

Our secure online workspace is password protected and encrypted, using the same security technologies that banks use. We make the reports, photos, video and other evidence, associated with your case available on the workspace for you to access and download at your convenience.

Before, during and after the investigation, we invite you to ask questions and communicate with us about your case. Because of our experience in these matters, we may be able to offer you some insight and perspective.