Macao Investigation

Macau is a Special Administrative Region of China. In 1553, the Portuguese obtained Macau residence, after the baptism of four hundred years of European civilization, East and West co-integration into a style unique to Macau city, leaving a large number of historical and cultural sites. North of Macau , Zhuhai , Zhuhai City, West and Wan Chai and Hengqin, looking East and Hong Kong 60 km apart, separated by the middle of the Pearl River Estuary. Macao is a free port, is one of the world’s four casinos. December 20, 1999 after the return of Macao to China, rapid economic growth, more prosperous than the past, is one country ‘s success stories. His famous light industry, food, tourism, hotels and casinos to Macau booming Macau is the world’s richest cities. Macau scarcity of land, land reclamation in recent years need to continue to expand the land area.


Area ( 29.7
Population (Mil.): 0.58
Airport: Macau International Airport
Railway Station: N/A
Attrctions: Casino Lisboa, Tam Kung Temple, Guanguang Tower
Area Code: 0853


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