Kunming Investigation

Kunming, Yunnan Province will, is a national historical and cultural city. As the only large city in Yunnan Province and the fourth largest city in the western region (second only to Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an), Yunnan Province, it is the political, economic, cultural, technological, transportation center, is an important tourist, commercial city, the western region’s key cities, urban agglomerations is Yunnan’s inner circle! In addition, it is for China to Southeast Asia, South Asia open gateway hub for the ASEAN is China’s only city. Due to summer heat and winter cold, the climate pleasant, temperate climate with the typical characteristics of urban temperature between 0-29 ℃, the annual temperature for the national minimum, so that the climate in the world has few features to make Kunming a “Spring City” The renowned Chinese and foreign.


Area (sq.km.): 21,473
Population (Mil.): 6.25
Airport: Kunming Wujiaba International Airport
Railway Station: Kunming Station
Attrctions: Stone Forest, Chui Lake, Zhen Chi
Area Code: 0871


Kunming Private Investigator Detective

Kunming City Map