China Interviews and Statements

Asia Investigation / China Investigator investigates cases quickly and effectively through China interviews and statements. Our tools to locate witnesses in China are limited to legal and legitimate methods, but we are experienced and creative and are usually successful in locating witnesses. We conduct interviews of witnesses and subjects and take statements in written, audio or video formats according to your needs. Our reports are concise, and complete, with a summary of the salient information at the beginning of the report and detailed information under the subheadings.

China Interviews of Witnesses

Our interviews are always aimed at obtaining impartial evidence from each witness.  What they observed and what they say is faithfully documented.  But we also consider your case strategy and structure the interviews to cover the areas of the case that are important to you.  Talk to us about your case strategy, so we can arrive at the best approach for each witness.

Case Mediation Packages

When we interview witnesses, it is sometimes helpful to accompany them to the scene of the incident in question.  We can then document their points of view and observations more effectively and usually on video (with their permission).  For insurance clients, we assist insurance adjusters by providing photographs of the scene, photos of the client or Subject; diagrams of the accident scene and in some cases, animation all assembled into a Power Point mediation package. The package tells the story of the accident and it’s catastrophic results and can be assembled for presentation at the mediation, or shared with the insurance company prior to the mediation on CD. This gives the claims committee a chance to see the client, the injuries and the liability picture prior to the mediation. This makes a very effective settlement tool.

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Asia Investigation / China Investigator