Matrimonial Infidelity in Chongqing

China Insurance Canvass

Asia Investigation / China Investigator provides interviews and neighborhood canvassing to the insurance industry. We conduct interviews to locate witnesses, record observations and document evidence surrounding an incident.

Whether the goal is witness location or fact gathering, we will help you to collect the evidence you need.  We document our investigation so that you know every stone has been turned.

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China Scene Investigation

Matrimonial Infidelity in Chongqing

Measure, Diagram and Document the Event

Asia Investigation / China Investigator provides our insurance clients with detailed scene investigations.  Photos, documented viewpoints, time-date stamps, detailed diagrams and accurate measurements are what you can expect, when assigning us a scene investigation in China.

If you need to document and record a scene or a location, Asia Investigation / China Investigator will provide the on-location status.

In our scene investigations, we measure, diagram, photograph and document a location in a civil case. You need us to not just photograph, measure and diagram, but to consider all aspects of the case and provide a snapshot of the scene, better allowing you to understand what really happened.

Our scene investigations are not for the purpose of criminal investigations, but for civil matters in which you need to better understand and document a location.

China Scene Investigation

Alive and Well Checks – Death Verification

Matrimonial Infidelity in Chongqing

Fraudulent Life, Health and Travel Insurance Claims in China

Asia Investigation / China Investigator works with insurance carriers to confirm the circumstances surrounding life insurance, health insurance and travel insurance claims in China.

We conduct on the ground investigations

… interviewing family, neighbors, friends, doctors, taking photos, videos and statements as needed in order to verify the circumstances surrounding the death, health or travel insurance claims in China.

We verify the authenticity of documents

… and confirm details regarding the funeral, internment, medical records and death certificate.

Our goal is to have pro-active, professional contact with the family of the Insured and to explain to them the process involved in processing their claim.  We find that this is the best way to preserve the good relationship that you have with your Insured, while at the same time, deeply diving into the circumstances surrounding the loss.

We understand that you need reliable investigation, good communication, fair billing and quick turn around.  Contact us for a case proposal and agreement.  We will exceed your expectations.

Alive and Well Checks in China

Our Alive and Well Checks consist of an in person interview to confirm the person is living and that they are who they say they are.  We confirm details regarding benefits received, activities and beneficiaries, as well as any other case details you need confirmed.

China Death Verification

When asked to conduct a death verification in China, we confirm the authenticity of official documents and contact the family to gather evidence.  We obtain documentation of the medical care, funeral and burial – all the data you need to pay or deny the life insurance claim.

Contact us to discuss strategy, turn around time and budget.

Insurance Adjusting

Matrimonial Infidelity in Chongqing
  • Independent Insurance Claims Investigation in China

We offer independent adjusting services in China.  We assist insurance claims adjusters with the investigation and assessment of losses in China.  We are sensitive to your time elements and we assist you in gathering the evidence you need, throughout the claims process.  We ask the questions you would ask, take the photos, draw the diagrams and write the reports you would write if you were on scene.

Contact us the next time you need independent adjusting services in China.

  • Casualty
  • Auto / Heavy Equipment
  • Property
  • AOE / COE
  • SIU
  • Activity Checks
  • Sub-rosa

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China Claims Investigation

Collection of Facts, Measurements and Evidence to Assist You With Making A Decision

Asia Investigation / China Investigator works with our insurance adjuster clients to investigate claims in China independently, quickly and effectively. We locate witnesses, we conduct effective interviews of witnesses and subjects and take statements in written, audiotape or video formats according to your needs. We also conduct background checks to uncover financial, civil and criminal histories. Our reports are concise, but complete, with a summary of the salient information at the beginning of the report and detailed information under the subheadings.  Contact us for China claims investigation.

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China Interviews and Statements

Matrimonial Infidelity in Chongqing

Asia Investigation / China Investigator investigates cases quickly and effectively through China interviews and statements. Our tools to locate witnesses in China are limited to legal and legitimate methods, but we are experienced and creative and are usually successful in locating witnesses. We conduct interviews of witnesses and subjects and take statements in written, audio or video formats according to your needs. Our reports are concise, and complete, with a summary of the salient information at the beginning of the report and detailed information under the subheadings.

China Interviews of Witnesses

Our interviews are always aimed at obtaining impartial evidence from each witness.  What they observed and what they say is faithfully documented.  But we also consider your case strategy and structure the interviews to cover the areas of the case that are important to you.  Talk to us about your case strategy, so we can arrive at the best approach for each witness.

Case Mediation Packages

When we interview witnesses, it is sometimes helpful to accompany them to the scene of the incident in question.  We can then document their points of view and observations more effectively and usually on video (with their permission).  For insurance clients, we assist insurance adjusters by providing photographs of the scene, photos of the client or Subject; diagrams of the accident scene and in some cases, animation all assembled into a Power Point mediation package. The package tells the story of the accident and it’s catastrophic results and can be assembled for presentation at the mediation, or shared with the insurance company prior to the mediation on CD. This gives the claims committee a chance to see the client, the injuries and the liability picture prior to the mediation. This makes a very effective settlement tool.

To begin, contact us to discuss case strategy and budget. Contact Us

Asia Investigation / China Investigator

Document / Evidence Retrieval

International Marriage Investigations Shenzhen

Document Verification and Retrieval in China

Let Asia Investigation / China Investigator help you to collect, inspect, organize, document and provide documents and evidence to you quickly and reliably.  When you need a discerning, professional review and collection of documents, we can help.

We will help you cut through the red tape.  We will find the best, legal way to obtain the documents you need and take the steps necessary to get them to you quickly.

Give us a list of the documents you need. We know how to obtain and certify them as quickly as possible. Official documents in China are often un-indexed and sometimes hand written, making the adulteration of documents easier and more common. We verify the authenticity of official records.

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