Private Investigator cost

How much is a PI in China?

Private investigators in China charge varying amounts, based on the location and the difficulty of the case.  We find that most private investigation companies in China charge flat fees for a case, or to achieve a milestone.

We approach billing differently.  Each case is different and each case requires a different approach.  So charging a flat fee does not make sense.  Very often, the amount of work that will be required to achieve the case goals is unknowable at the start of the case.  Taking a flat payment for the case means that the investigator may receive more money than the value of the work.  Or, when the investigator feels they have spent too much time on the case for the money received, they will lose enthusiasm for the case.  The investigator may start taking short cuts, or as in many cases we have seen in the past, they may stop communication with the client, effectively ending their work on the case.

How do we bill for time and expense?

We bill by the hour for most cases.  The hours break down to increments of 1/10th of an hour (6 minutes).  So an hour is 1.0.  A half hour is .5 hours.  Our hourly rate is slightly higher in a few cities, in which the cost of doing business and running investigations is higher.  To get a quote for investigations in a certain locations, we ask that you contact us for a free consultation.  We will get back to you to discuss strategy and budget.

We keep track of our time and keep you up to date about what we are doing.  We keep track of costs and provide receipts for out of pocked expense, whenever possible.  We pass on our actual out of pocket expenses, such as costs for bridge / road tolls, parking, mileage and with your approval, club entrance fees and food or bar tabs for some types of surveillance.  We will talk with you ahead of time about the expected costs and get your approval for any costs above and beyond what is expected.

We understand that different clients have different budgets.  Our goal is to find the best way to accomplish your case goals within the budget you set.  We will never charge more than you approve ahead of time.  We do what we say we will do.

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