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Asia Investigation / China Investigator provides investigation in Hangzhou, for our attorney, business, insurance company and individual clients. We provide factory checks, background checks, due diligence, interviews, inspections, cheating spouse investigations and other types of investigation.

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Information about Hangzhou

Hangzhou is located in China north of the southeast coast, is the Zhejiang provincial capital , sub-provincial city , is the province’s political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center as well as the Yangtze River Delta economic circle one of two deputy central cities, southern wing economic, financial, logistics , and cultural center . Zhejiang Province, political, economic and cultural center, an important traffic hub in southeast China button. Hangzhou has a long history, since the Qin Dynasty set up county, there have been 2200 years of history. Hangzhou is the Five Dynasties and the Southern Song capital Wuyue land, one of the seven ancient capitals across the country. Hangzhou center coordinates of latitude 30 ° 16 ‘, longitude 120 ° 12’.


Area (sq.km.):16,600
Population (Mil.):8.7
Airport:Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
Railway Station:Hangzhou Station, Hangzhou South Station, Hangzhou East Station
Attrctions:West Lake, Qiandao Lake, Tianmu Mountain, Linyin Temple, Liuhe Tower
Area Code:0571

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