Haikou Investigation

Haikou City, Hainan Province, the provincial capital, located at latitude 19 ° 32′-20 ° 05 ‘, longitude 110 ° 10′-110 ° 41’, a landmark is Century Bridge . Haikou City, for a variety of cultural interchange, use of language, including Hainan, then , Danzhou, then temporary high, then Mandarin , vernacular, military, Hakka, Minnan and other languages. Known as the Top Ten Cities, the National Environmental Protection Model City, National Sanitary City , China Excellent Tourism City , National Garden City , the state historical and cultural city, the national advanced city a civilized city, the national outstanding urban environment comprehensive improvement of the city, won the “China Habitat Environment Award. ” The city’s resident population, accounting for 97.75% Han Chinese, other ethnic groups accounted for 2.25%.


Area (sq.km.): 2,304.84
Population (Mil.): 2.04
Airport: Haikou Meilan International Airport
Railway Station: Haikou Station, Haikou East Station
Attrctions: Crater National Geological Park, Holiday Beach, Wanlu Garden
Area Code: 0898


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