Fuzhou Investigation

Fuzhou, referred to as the “fig”, Fujian Province, the provincial capital, is located in east Fujian Province, Minjiang River downstream along the coast, an important city along the southeast coast of China, China’s historical and cultural city. Fuzhou was built in 202 BC, the city, a city in 1946, long history as a political center of Fujian. Fuzhou, southeast China coast is an important trading port and gateway to the Silk Road at sea, but also an important cultural center, flourishing culture and education since the Song Dynasty, is to produce Chin (4100 people), scholar (31) and academicians (67 people) one of the largest cities in China. Fuzhou, China in modern times one of the earliest opening of five ports, Fuzhou is the cradle of modern Chinese navy.


Area (sq.km.): 12,154
Population (Mil.): 7.11
Airport: Fuzhou Changle International Airport
Railway Station: Fuzhou Station, Fuzhou South Station, Fuzhou North Station.
Attrctions: Gu Mountain, Wushi Mountain, Three Lanes and Seven Lanes
Area Code: 0591


Fuzhou Private Investigator

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