Dalian Investigation

Dalian, located in Eurasia east coast, northeast China Liaodong Peninsula, the southernmost tip of the northwest verge of the Bohai Sea, southeast facing the Yellow Sea , including the size of the islands there are 260. China’s provincial cities , cities with independent planning , but also the country’s 14 coastal open cities in one; is China’s Liaoning Province, an important coastal port city , the province’s second largest city, northeast China’s main external gateway; also the Northeast Asian important international shipping center, an international logistics center , a regional financial center.


Area (sq.km.): 13,237
Population (Mil.): 6.13
Airport: Zhoushuzi International Airport
Railway Station: Dalian Station, Dalian North Station.
Attrctions: Jinshitan National Holiday Resort, Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park, Sun Asia Ocean World
Area Code: 0411


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