China Investigations / Covid19

China Investigation and Covid19 – Update

Business as usual?  Not yet, but getting there.  We are glad to say that we are once again able to travel more freely, here in China.  We need to carefully take precautions and follow local rules, but we are able to conduct investigations for our clients again.  Our first focus is to protect against any exposure to ourselves and the public.  If we can accomplish the case goals safely, we will let you know.

China Health and Welfare Checks

We have assisted some clients with making contact with family members, employees and friends in China when contact has been lost.  If you are facing that situation, we will start with the information you have and then use our experience, tools and contacts to do our best to help you to re-connect.  If that requires an in-person visit, we will do so, while using careful health precautions for them and for us.  Either way, we will keep you up to date and will never exceed the budget you set.

We look forward to working with you again.  Please contact us to talk about your case.  CONTACT US

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