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Tianjin is the sixth largest city in China. It is one of the four municipalities that have been given provincial-level status.  Its urban land area is fifth largest in China, ranking after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Location: Tianjin is located along the Hai He River, which connects to the Yellow River and Yangtze River via the Tianjin Grand Canal. Tianjin’s ports are located on Bohai Gulf in the Pacific Ocean.  Tianjin now incorporates the coastal region of Tanggu and is home to the Binhai and the Technology and Economic Developing Area (TEDA). The Tianjin Municipality borders Hebei to the North, South, and West.  Beijing is to the Northwest and Bohai Gulf is to the East.

Tianjin is divided into 15 districts and 3 counties. 

Yinchuan Investigation

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region capital of Yinchuan City, in 2011 the city built-up area of 107 square kilometers area. Under the jurisdiction of Xingqing area, Jinfeng District, Xixia, Yongning County, Helan County, Lingwu. In 2009, counties (cities) area comprises the 23 district offices, 21 towns, 6 townships, and 211 neighborhood committees and 271 village committees . Population of about 1.99 million (2011), most of the Han, Hui about 40 million people. Since ancient times, there are stuffed with pearl Yinchuan say, west of the famous national scenic Western Xia Imperial Tombs. Within the city limits and more Muslim style of architecture, to the Drum Tower as the center, south has a large mosque and Cheng Tiansi Tower and other famous monuments .


Area (sq.km.): 9,491
Population (Mil.): 1.99
Airport: Yinchuan Hedong Airport
Railway Station: Yinchuan Station
Attrctions: Xi Xia Imperial Tombs
Area Code: 0951


Yinchuan, China Investigation

Investigation in Yinchuan, China

Hohhot Investigation

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Information About Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a population of 2.86 million.  Hohhot (Kuku-Khoto in Mongolian) means “Blue City”.  Hohhot is the “Dairy Capital of China” and

Hohhot’s Baita International Airport is about 14.3 km (8.9 mi) east of the center of Hohhot, by car.  Hohhot lies directly on the Jingbao Railway, which runs from Beijing to Baotou.  Hohhot is served by two railway stations:  Hohhot Railway Station and Hohhot East Railway Station.

Area (sq.km.): 17,224
Population (Mil.): 2.86
Airport: Hohhot Baita International Airport
Railway Station: Hohhot Station
Attrctions: Wuta Temple, Qinzhen Large Temple, Zhaojun Grave
Area Code: 0471


Investigation in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Map
Map of Hohhot

Ningbo Investigation

Ningbo, referred to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province of China , vice-provincial cities , cities with independent planning, the development of local laws and regulations have the right to a larger city , is approved by the Ministry of Culture National historical and cultural city . Is Zhejiang ‘s three major economic centers, Ningbo port cargo throughput of China’s largest port , container throughput in 2010 for the first time moved up to No. 3. The total area of 9816 square km, population 7,605,700 (2010). Located in the eastern Zhejiang, the Yangtze River Delta, south side, north of Hangzhou Bay , west of Shaoxing , south, Taizhou , the Northeast and Zhoushan across the sea. And Zhejiang provinces in the central file, Ningbo City, were defined as the Yangtze River Delta economic center and the south wing economic center of Zhejiang Province.


Area (sq.km.): 9,816
Population (Mil.): 7.6
Airport: Ningbo Lishe International Airport
Railway Station: Ningbo Station, Ningbo East Station, Ningbo North Station
Attrctions: Moon Lake, Tianyi Pavilion, Laowai Beach, Liangzhu Cultural Park
Area Code: 0574


Investigation in Ningbo China

Ningbo Map

Kunming Investigation

Kunming, Yunnan Province will, is a national historical and cultural city. As the only large city in Yunnan Province and the fourth largest city in the western region (second only to Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an), Yunnan Province, it is the political, economic, cultural, technological, transportation center, is an important tourist, commercial city, the western region’s key cities, urban agglomerations is Yunnan’s inner circle! In addition, it is for China to Southeast Asia, South Asia open gateway hub for the ASEAN is China’s only city. Due to summer heat and winter cold, the climate pleasant, temperate climate with the typical characteristics of urban temperature between 0-29 ℃, the annual temperature for the national minimum, so that the climate in the world has few features to make Kunming a “Spring City” The renowned Chinese and foreign.


Area (sq.km.): 21,473
Population (Mil.): 6.25
Airport: Kunming Wujiaba International Airport
Railway Station: Kunming Station
Attrctions: Stone Forest, Chui Lake, Zhen Chi
Area Code: 0871


Kunming Private Investigator Detective

Kunming City Map

Taiyuan Investigation

Taiyuan (Tàiyuán) is the Shanxi provincial capital , near the Fen River, surrounded by mountains, since ancient times, “Fairview Taiyuan City” in the world. Shanxi Taiyuan is the political, economic, cultural, educational, scientific, transportation, information center, based on metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, coal pillar, in order to output energy, raw materials, mining machinery products as the main feature of the country’s major energy and heavy Chemical City, was in 2011 as a national historical and cultural city. Now, Taiyuan has developed into a metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, coal industry as the main textile, electronics, food, medicine, electricity and building materials industry of considerable size, a relatively complete industrial modern industrial city.


Area (sq.km.): 6,988
Population (Mil.): 4.2
Airport: Wusu International Airport
Railway Station: Taiyuan Station
Attrctions: Jin Temple, Chunyang Gong, Tian Longshan Grotto
Area Code: 0351


Taiyuan Private Investigator

Taiyuan Map

Zibo Investigation

Shandong Zibo in Shandong in the central mountains and northern Shandong plain transition zone, the advantage is unique to the south Taishan , north of the Yellow River, east of Weifang , west of Springs in Jinan. Zibo , Shandong Province, an important transport hub, the railway linking, vertical and horizontal road, easily accessible, is the State Council, approved by the Shandong Peninsula Economic Open Zone cities.


Area (sq.km.): 5,965
Population (Mil.): 4.21
Airport: N/A
Railway Station: Zibo Station
Attrctions: Lushang Forest Park, Pu Songlin Former Residence
Area Code: 0533


Zibo Private Investigator

Zibo Map

Qingdao Investigation

Qingdao is located in the Shandong Peninsula south (latitude 35 ° 35′-37 ° 09 ‘, longitude 119 ° 30′-121 ° 00’), the Yellow Sea, the Northeast and Yantai City, adjacent to the west is connected with Weifang City, southwest and Rizhao City border . Qingdao is the country’s 15 sub-provincial city of (the capital of which ten, five non-capital), the state five cities with independent planning one. The sixth national census in 2010 the city’s resident population of 871.51 million, of which the urban area 1159 square kilometers, four downtown population of 207.79 million; other three districts, five cities 663.72 million.


Area (sq.km.): 1,159 (Urban)
Population (Mil.): 8.71
Airport: Liuting International Airport
Railway Station: Qingdao Station
Attrctions: May Fourth Square, Zhan Bridge, Lao Mountian
Area Code: 0532


Qingdao Private Investigator

Qingdao Map

Jinan Investigation

Jinan is Shandong provincial capital, is located in western Shandong, China Bohai and the Yellow River region south wing of the center of the city, is approved by the state coastal open cities and 15 sub-provincial cities, the State Council published national historical and cultural city , city of China’s software, one of the national innovation-oriented city. Jinan, Shandong’s political, economic, technological, cultural, educational, tourist center, a regional financial center, north of Beijing and Tianjin, south of Shanghai-Nanjing, things connected with the Shandong Peninsula in central China , the Bohai Economic Zone and the Beijing-Shanghai economic development major axis of the intersection, is the country’s major transport hub and logistics center of Chinese civilization in the world-famous prehistoric culture – Longshan culture, the birthplace of the 11th National Games and the 7th China International Garden and Flower Expo organizers the city.


Area (sq.km.): 8,227
Population (Mil.): 6.81
Airport: Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport
Railway Station: Jinan Station, Jinan West Station, Jinan East Station
Attrctions: Qianfuo Mountain, Daming Lake, Juetu Spring
Area Code: 0531


Jinan Private Investigator

Jinan Map

Xian Investigation

Xi’an ancient times known as ” Chang “is a famous ancient capital of one of the world’s greatest civilizations, ranking China the ancient capital of the first, is the history of China the longest on the capital, capital dynasties up to the greatest influence of the capital , is the Chinese nation, the cradle of , Chinese civilization, the birthplace of Chinese culture representatives. For the sub-provincial city in today’s Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province, China one of the seven regional central cities, the Asian knowledge and technology innovation center, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge and the Chinese section of the Yellow River’s largest cities, China’s large aircraft manufacturing base, China Midwest’s largest and most important scientific research, higher education, defense industry and high-tech industrial base. 2009 issued by the State “Guanzhong – Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan” Xi’an is listed as following Beijing and Shanghai , China the third ” international metropolis . ”


Area (sq.km.): 9,983
Population (Mil.): 8.46
Airport: Xian Xianyang International Airport
Railway Station: Xian Station, Xian South Station, Xian North Station
Attrctions: Museum of The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang, Dayan Ta.
Area Code: 029


Xian Private Investigator

Xian Map