China Scene Investigation

Matrimonial Infidelity in Chongqing

Measure, Diagram and Document the Event

Asia Investigation / China Investigator provides our insurance clients with detailed scene investigations.  Photos, documented viewpoints, time-date stamps, detailed diagrams and accurate measurements are what you can expect, when assigning us a scene investigation in China.

If you need to document and record a scene or a location, Asia Investigation / China Investigator will provide the on-location status.

In our scene investigations, we measure, diagram, photograph and document a location in a civil case. You need us to not just photograph, measure and diagram, but to consider all aspects of the case and provide a snapshot of the scene, better allowing you to understand what really happened.

Our scene investigations are not for the purpose of criminal investigations, but for civil matters in which you need to better understand and document a location.

China Scene Investigation

Witness Location and Interview

International Marriage Investigations Shenzhen

We locate and interview witnesses in China, getting the answers you need.

Locating individuals in China is sometimes challenging. The tools we use depend on what information you have regarding the Subject. What we can promise is to use our best efforts and the most effective tools available to locate witnesses. We conduct effective interviews of witnesses and subjects and take statements in written, audiotape or video formats.

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Family Law / Divorce / Child Custody

International Marriage Investigations Shenzhen

China Family Law Investigation

Asia Investigation / China Investigator assists you with the investigation of family law matters, here in China.

China Divorce

For divorce, we can help you to confirm background, assets, current activities, business affiliation, previous marriages or divorces, children, criminal or civil history.

China Child Custody

For child custody matters, the issue is normally the location or health and safety of a child, while with a parent.  We know what to look for and how to best document these issues.  We understand how important it is to a parent that their child is safe and happy with the child’s other parent.  Let us assist you in getting the evidence you need, to put your mind at ease, or to use in court.

We also can assist with missing person cases, in which a non-custodial parent takes a child without permission.  We follow leads, conduct surveillance, canvass neighborhoods and work with police and the media to safely locate missing children.

Asset Check

International Marriage Investigations Shenzhen

Asset Research in China

Asia Investigation / China Investigator diligently locates personal and business assets. In China, we use the most effective methods possible, within the limits of Chinese law, to develop accurate and reliable asset information.

Much information is protected by privacy laws and is unavailable, bank accounts for instance.  In addition, there is no way to search for real estate by name.  But ownership can be determined for a known address.  Because of these restrictions, we often need to use other methods to identify real estate, vehicles, businesses, water vessels, bank, securities and other assets.  All information is gathered in the most effective legal way.

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Document / Evidence Retrieval

International Marriage Investigations Shenzhen

Document Verification and Retrieval in China

Let Asia Investigation / China Investigator help you to collect, inspect, organize, document and provide documents and evidence to you quickly and reliably.  When you need a discerning, professional review and collection of documents, we can help.

We will help you cut through the red tape.  We will find the best, legal way to obtain the documents you need and take the steps necessary to get them to you quickly.

Give us a list of the documents you need. We know how to obtain and certify them as quickly as possible. Official documents in China are often un-indexed and sometimes hand written, making the adulteration of documents easier and more common. We verify the authenticity of official records.

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Background Investigations / Background Checks

International Marriage Investigations Shenzhen

China Background Check

Asia Investigation / China Investigator conducts background checks for our attorney clients to uncover personal, professional and financial backgrounds for legal purposes.  Legal access to information varies by the type of information and by the location of the Subject / city in which he or she resides and has history.  For that reason, we don’t offer one size fits all background checks.  We need to talk to you about what information you need.  We then look at what information is available in that jurisdiction and how to best obtain that good, reliable information.  We then recommend a budget and turn around time for you to approve.

In China, it is important to follow privacy laws, while at the same time getting the best information available.  For that reason, background checks in China are more of an art, than a science.  What we can promise you is that we will get the best information available

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