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On the Ground Private Investigations in China

China Private InvestigatorChina Investigator / ZY Services is trusted by clients worldwide to deliver professional, “on the ground” investigations in China.

Our reputation for success and quality work is built on the expertise and local knowledge of our investigators

We conduct many types of investigations in China and provide our clients with the actionable information they need to make important legal or business decisions.  We conduct our investigations using a wide variety of resources, but always according to law.   We offer on-the-ground professional investigation services throughout China, with excellent customer service and accountability.

We understand your need for reliable, professional services, provided in a timely manner. We can communicate in English or Chinese. This allows us to fully understand your needs and to report our findings more clearly.

Tell us about your case.  We will recommend a strategy to accomplish your case goals in a legal and ethical manner.  We will work within the budget you set and keep you in the loop as your case progresses.  We pride ourselves on being responsive and focused on getting the results you need – quickly and confidentially.

China Investigations – How We Work With You

  • We listen carefully to what you say so we can understand your needs.
  • We offer recommendations suited to your needs and budget
  • We prepare an agreement, outlining what we will do and how much it will cost
  • We conduct a thorough investigation with the questions you need answered, as the central focus
  • We bill fairly and according to the agreed upon budget
  • We accept all major credit cards  China Investigator Credit Card Payments
  • All matters are handled with complete confidentiality, before, during and after the investigation
  • We do not do phone checks, bank checks or any other type of illegal search.  But we know how to get the information legally.
  • Our company motto is “Do the right thing for the right reason.”
  • Call us at +86-773-580-5515 or our US convenience number: +01-415-462-0505 (US # forwards to our main office in China)


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