Chengdu (Chengdu City), referred to as "Rong", another name, "Jincheng", located in central Sichuan Province, known as the " Land of Abundance "reputation. Department of Sichuan Province is the administrative center, Southwest Center, Southwest business center, southwest financial center, transportation hub in western China's lead in establishing a socialist market economy system pilot cities, the financial opening-up cities, sub-provincial city. According to "China Urban Development Report", ranked ninth overall strength of Chengdu (west first). In 2004, he was elected "CCTV China's top ten most dynamic cities", the western economic aggregate ranked first.


Area ( 12,390
Population (Mil.): 14
Airport: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Railway Station: Chengdu Station, Chengdu South Station, Chengdu East Station
Attrctions: Dupu Caotang, Panda Breed Base, Wuhuo Ancestral Hall, Jinsha Site
Area Code: 028