China Investigation Services for Businesses

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with product sourcing in China. Whether you are conducting competitive analysis, or looking for a professional, reliable manufacturer, we can help you to source products in China. Our experience with manufacturing in China, along with our industry contacts gives us the tools we need to connect you with a proven manufacturer. When we source products, you know that the factory we introduce is a legitimate, professional manufacturer, who can do what they say they will do. Our job is to look after your interests.

China business background investigations provide our clients with useful information about a business. You may be considering doing business with a company and want to ensure they are on the "up and up" with a China Background Check.

A broad range of investigative assets provides us with access to critical information on individuals and businesses. We also have access to a network of highly trained professionals, which enables us to compile the most complete reports possible on individual and corporate assets. Please contact us to discuss specifics regarding a China asset check.

The cost of not being informed about the qualifications and reliability of employees is high. Our employee screening investigation helps you to weed out undesirables.

We provide high-level investigative services and in the areas of misapplication of corporate assets, employee dishonesty, internal and external embezzlements, theft of trade secrets, counterfeit products, gray market trafficking, product theft, bribery, kickbacks, and other breeches of business and fiduciary duties.

We provide a full range of factory investigation, report the size of the factory, production lines, production equipment, business license, certification, etc., through our investigation the plant reliability, qualification, production capacity, the direction of development can make a full range of assessment of beneficial help you make the right decisions on investment or cooperation relations.

China Patent, Trademark and Copyright Checks. Infringement.